Sunday, October 17, 2004

Warm Me With Tandoori

After dining in for a week, John and I were looking forward to Indian food. My meat-and-potatoes guy was craving an eggplant curry. He never ceases to surprise me.

We piled on the clothes and walked over to Naan-n-Curry, a beacon on this cold rainy night. For all of $20, we walked out with orders of baingan bartha, chicken vindaloo, chicken tandoori, and aloo naan. We couldn't wait to get home.

The naan is still warm, but I like to crisp it a little by placing it in a 200-degree oven. While the bread is warming, I plate our food. Curry, cardamom, and chiles fill the air. Our mouths water as we pour out glasses of J Brut Rose, a fruity and somewhat floral sparkler. It is a refreshing wine that puts out the fire of the spicy hot vindaloo.

The heat from the spices and the food provide some relief from the cold. John puts his arm around me and I nestle in; it warms me down to the core.

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