Saturday, October 16, 2004

Potato Potahto

After a week of 85-degree days, the weather turned and I pulled on a turtleneck to keep warm. The air was cold and damp; rain was probably on its way. John and I ducked into one of our favorite spots to chase away the chill.

The aroma of fries greets you as soon as you enter Frjtz, a funky little cafe. The DJ tunes, the changing art exhibit, and Belgian beer attract the chic residents of Hayes Valley, but John and I are simply hooked on the fries. They're hot, cut thick, and a nice blend of crispy-fluffy. Instead of ketchup, we dip them into chipotle aioli, a creamy sauce with just a little heat. I'm getting warmer already.

John always orders the Matisse, a crepe filled with smoked salmon, sour cream, and chives. I introduced him to it a year ago and he's been addicted since. Depending on my mood, I will alternate between a giant salad and a savory crepe. Since I'm indulging in a fair amount of fries today, I opt for the Hokusai, a plate of mixed greens topped with tuna and avocado--hardly diet food. Hey, it's Saturday.

We thaw out as we read the paper and munch on fries. The house music is a little loud, but we don't mind. As John studies the movie listings, I help myself to the last crispy morsel. But he's one step ahead of me--he polished off the aoili.

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