Friday, October 15, 2004

Fish on Friday

John and I look forward to the end of the week, but not just for the obvious reasons. Part tradition, part standing date, we have sushi each Friday night. However, we don't linger over sake; we take it home.

After work, we head straight for Chika, a tiny sushi bar whose owners toil in the shadow of Ebisu, a much-hyped restaurant whose young professional clientele overpay for burrito-sized sushi rolls. Nosumi, the owners' daughter and the restaurant's only server, greets us warmly and takes our order.

I always order sashimi--maguro, hamachi, kampachi, sake and hirame. John likes his sushi maki style, so he opts for the spicy tuna roll, tekka maki, and the sake roll. We also like to select an item from the specials board, and this week, we order the bonito and tomato carpaccio, thin slices of seared tuna and ripe tomato dressed in a garlic-chive oil.

When we get home, we arrange our dinner on lacquered Japanese trays. We pull out our sushi plates and silver chopsticks. And we always open a bottle of champagne. Tonight, it's one of our last bottles of 1998 J Vintage Brut, a Sonoma sparkler that we regularly pair with sushi--and one that the New York Times finally caught on to.

Our Friday nights are about spending time together, unwinding, and laughing. And the fact that we do it over great food and a bottle of bubbly makes each Friday more special than the last.

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